Muir Lake School

Assurance Elements

Muir Lake School implements a total of thirteen elements within five domains to provide assurance. 

Student Growth and Achievement

Assurance Element 1: Students demonstrate student learning outcomes and foundational skills as outlined in the Alberta Programs of Study.

Assurance Element 2: Students demonstrate understanding and appreciation for the diversity of all learners.

Assurance Element 3: Students demonstrate confidence and resilience.

Teaching and Leading

Assurance Element 4: Teachers and leaders explore and share the design and delivery of excellent teaching and assessment practices that promote student achievement.

Assurance Element 5: Teachers and leaders ensure learning opportunities are purposeful, essential, relevant, authentic and responsive.

Assurance Element 6: Teachers and leaders demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous perspectives and ensure that appropriate resources are allocated in order to support our Indigenous students’ success and well-being.

Learning Supports

Assurance Element 7: School staff nurture and support a wellness culture that fosters healthy learning communities, healthy lifestyle choices, positive peer relationships and a sense of belonging.

Assurance Element 8: School staff appropriately and effectively identify learning support needs.

Assurance Element 9: School staff and stakeholders demonstrate an improved understanding of the supports and services that can be reasonably accessed in a timely, consistent, and dependable manner.


Assurance Element 10: Trustees promote stakeholder engagement practices and utilize stakeholder assurance to monitor progress and to communicate in a manner that cultivates a shared vision for student success and well-being.

Assurance Element 11: Trustees attend to governance actions and allocate fiscal resources in alignment with the Division’s Enduring Priorities, and in accordance with all statutory, regulatory and disclosure requirements.

Assurance Element 12: Trustees consider and represent community perspectives and advocate, in a manner consistent with the Board’s Vision and Mission and Values, within local, provincial and national advocacy processes.

Local and Societal Context

Assurance Element 13: Staff and community stakeholders attend responsively to the unique and diverse cultural, social and economic factors that impact our students’ aspirations and learning needs.