Muir Lake School

Option Courses

Muir Lake offers a wide array of options courses that vary from year to year based on enrollment. Some examples of past courses are listed below. Please contact the office to find out which courses are being offered this year/term. Please note that a fee is required for some options courses.

Advanced Sewing

After reviewing previous knowledge of fabrics, safety and machine use, students will expand their knowledge by learning how to use a commercial pattern. Students will construct an item of clothing using fabric of their choice.

Advanced Wire Wrapping Room

In this course we will use wire, beads and tools to recreate the various types of jewelry that we would see sold in stores. Wire can be formed and wrapped to produce metal jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This course will not only provide students with the opportunity to create new and creative pieces, but help them to develop their hand coordination and attention to detail.


This course is designed to allow students a chance to express their ideas and emotions through different mediums. It is a project based course that should allow all students a chance to experience success. Students will be pushed to exceed their own perceived limitations within the boundaries of artistic expression. The mediums of Water Colour, Pastel, Pencil, and Chalk will be explored. The course fee pays for the students’ art kit…which is then theirs to keep.


Love to play badminton? This option is for all levels. Students will learn all the skills and rules related to the sport. Modified doubles and single games and in-class tournament will be played.


This option will analyze and identify various strategies and techniques associated with the game of basketball. Students will develop the physical skills needed to participate in games through high tempo drills and activities along with competitive games that will enhance their performance as basketball.

Band Ensemble

Students will learn how to play a band instrument of their choice - from flute to drums, saxophone to trumpet. They will also play band music as a group (after learning the fingerings and techniques of their instrument).


In this course students will create their own online portfolios using WordPress. Students will create portfolios that are very similar to a blogging website. They can share creative work, upload pictures, blog about experiences, and design a website. The blogfolios can then be used to keep track of assignments, showcase outstanding projects, and eventually be used as a reference tool for jobs, school, etc.  

Body Shop

In this course we will be creating a variety of products to use for the body. We will be making homemade soaps, lip gloss, body scrubs and bath salts. We will also be creating all our products using natural materials and packaging them to take home.

Classroom Assistant

Students are assigned to different classes in the early years or in the offices to work for the term. They do one on ones, small group and clerical type activities.

Clay Works

Students will be modeling clay as a medium to create a variety of art projects. Clay can be manipulated to produce many creative and interesting art pieces, as well as tools for everyday use. Some of the projects that we will do are: bowls, vases, fish, tiles. We will also paint and glaze our art.

Creative Cake Decorating and Delectable Desserts

Students will be guided through the process of basic cake decorating from the initial creative thought to the finished edible product. An array of desserts will also be prepared. Interpreting and preparing recipes will be explored while making these delectable treats. Safety and sanitation will as well be emphasized in this course. Maximum 12 students.

Digital Photography

This is an introductory course in digital photography. This is for students who have not used, or have had limited use, of photo shop editing programs. Students will learn and be exposed to all the functions of a digital camera, as well as, how to edit photos using (Max 20 students)

Digital Presentations

Computer-based presentations are becoming more and more the norm as opposed to novelty whenever presentations are given. Digital presentation skills are viewed as an asset in many areas of life including, business, education, volunteer organizations, and anything that requires a meeting. In this option students will learn digital presentation development skills, primarily working with tools such as PowerPoint and Prezi.


In this course students will have the opportunity to develop improvisational skits, orientation games, stage fighting and special effects make-up. You will be working in small and large groups. Presentations will be limited to the classroom only.

Environmental Activism

Students will watch documentaries on environmental concerns, such as: “Taking Root”, “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Addicted to Plastic”. These will be followed with class discussions, poster making and a letter to voice their concern on one environmental issue. How can one person make a difference? We will raise awareness of the issues. 

Fabric Arts

During this option, students will have the opportunity to utilize a different art medium to create one large or two small wall hangings. Basic sewing skills will be used in the fabrication of an example of reverse applique (also called stained glass quilting). Each student will design, draw and transfer their design to several layers of fabric which will be quilted together to create the final product.

Fashion Study

In this course students will have the opportunity to create a variety of personal outfits for their “label” using stencils, a variety of paper patterns and designs. This project will be placed into a formal portfolio book.


This course offers basic instruction in food preparation. There will be an emphasis on safety and sanitation. Interpreting and preparing simple recipes will comprise the bulk of the course. A working knowledge of nutrition is also a component.

Hair and Cosmetology

Have you ever looked through a magazine and wished that you could do your hair and make-up like a professional? If so, you can learn the techniques of hair stylists and make-up artists in this course. We will be covering a variety of hair style techniques such as french braids, messy buns, french twists, proper blow drying and fish tail braids. Also, we will be working with eye liner, blush, eye shadow and nail polish.

Homework & Study Hall

Are you a busy student? Do you have many after school and evening activities? In this course students will have the opportunity to complete homework assignments, projects, missed tests, stay organized or just have extra time to study.

Introduction to Pieced Quilting

In this course, you will review the basic of sewing and safety, then choose a pillow top style and gather fabric of your choice to make a personalized pillow. Create a unique and practical piece while learning the basics of cutting, sewing and pressing used in quilt making. This is where crafting, scrapbooking, and fabrication come together.

Jewellery Making

In this course you will create and design your own wearable jewellery. We will be creating necklaces, bracelets, earings, anklets and even rings. To do this we will be using a variety of tools such as beads (small and chunky), string (different colours), wire and some unconventional accessories like buttons and safety pins.


Are you a leader? Do you like to develop your leadership skills, and work to help others? In this class, you can participate in a variety of activities to foster leadership and cooperation within the school as a whole. We will work together to plan projects and student activities within Muir Lake School. Also, we will volunteer at a variety of organizations such as the Edmonton Reuse Centre to help establish leadership experience outside of the school, etc.

Musical Theatre

In this course you will be exposed to several samples of musical theatre and films, becoming familiar with their story lines and music. You will then learn two different songs from some of these musicals to perform at the end of the year. Singing, choreography and acting will be a part of the performance.

Puppetry and Children’s Theatre

Using puppets, we will perform short scripts for young children. There will be time to work with a variety of puppets and scripts. We will perform a series of puppet plays for children and we will create one original, short script. The emphasis will be on performing for a young audience.  


In this course students will have the opportunity to create three or four carvings using two different techniques – etching and carving. Express your artistic flair in three dimensions.


This option will analyze and identify various strategies and techniques associated with the game of softball. Students will develop the physical skills needed to participate in games and acknowledge the history of the game.

Sports Exposure

Students will be taught and exposed to a variety of different sports. Since many of the sports covered cannot be played on school grounds, we will be using off-site facilities for most sports. This option encourages lifelong fitness and wellness with the hope that students will pursue some of the sports that they are exposed to in the course. Some of the sports that may be offered are: racquetball/ squash, wallyball, water polo, indoor soccer, gymnastics, bowling, wall climbing, and indoor roller skating. The course will be capped at 40 students with two teachers. Please be aware that student will not be back for the normal bus times and will need to arrange a ride home.

Track and Field

The track and field option will analyze and identify techniques and strategies in a variety of track and field events. Students explore their own physical abilities while participating in specific events and general fitness activities.


This class will analyze specific skills, techniques and strategies that relate to the game of volleyball. Students will be participating in high tempo drills and activities along with competitive games that will enhance their performance as volleyball players.

Water, Snow and Ice Activities

If you like to keep fit using different forms of H2O, this is your type of option. Half of the option will be spent doing activities in the swimming pool at the T.L.C. The other half of this option will take place outside on the snow and ice doing activities like survivor, cross-country skiing and skating. (max 24 students)