Muir Lake School


Gr 6 to 9 CTF Course Registrations

Term 1 CTF Option Course Registration is now OPEN!!!

Please direct your grade 6 to 9 students to this link CTF Option Course Registration – have them go to it and register for Term 1 CTF Courses  prior to Friday September 6th OR simply go to and fill in the registration form. This information and link will also be emailed to the students' PSD email addresses.

We encourage you to speak with your children about their choices and read the CTF Course Descriptions carefully and pick what they want – not what their friends are picking as we discourage switching as these courses are about exploring new avenues. Please note that some of the courses have fees attached to them and these fees will be automatically added to your child’s PowerSchool Account.

Click this link to read the CTF Option Course Descriptions for term 1

Grade 6 Art with Ms Wayken on day 5 will be with students in group 1 this term and students in Art Group 2 & 3 will register for CTF courses. Students know which group they are in and their homeroom teachers also have a list posted.

Thank you and always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 780-963-3535.