Muir Lake School


What to do when your child needs to ride a different bus

With the changes to Transportation Services that have resulted in a reduction of 27 buses, the requirement for 24 hr advance notice of students riding alternate buses with friends is more important than ever.

Please see the steps below should you require your child to be dropped off at a different location than registered for with transportation.

Contact Transportation Services, at, a minimum of 24 hours in advance, if your child wants to ride a different school bus (i.e. to go home with a friend) or wants to bring a friend home on the bus. 
Approval will be based on space and availability. Transportation Services will contact the requested bus and determine if the needed space is available for the date requested.
Parents will be notified via email if the service is available.  

NOTE:  Students will not be permitted on the bus without prior permission. 

We understand that emergency situations will arise and Transportation Services will assist whenever possible to make the necessary arrangements for a student needing to ride a different bus, but this will be in coordination with the respective school's administrators.  Please notify Transportation Services' dispatch as soon as possible in these situations, so that we can notify the appropriate bus operators.

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