Muir Lake School


Alternate Programming for Students Not Attending Play Parkland

Parents/Guardians of Grade 3 to 6 Students

Mrs. Brownlee  and I are writing you to give clarification for those families whose students  are participating in Play Parkland activities  at the Tri-Leisure Centre.

Due to supervision and safety concerns, Muir  Lake School will not be able to accommodate  activity switches due to supervision  and facility  constraints. Students are equally divided into groups and those respective group then do their assigned activity. Therefore, if we are switching students  around from class to class, student  numbers  become unequal and this can place extra demands on Play Parkland staff regarding equipment, instruction and ultimately, safety.

Given this, we want to explain our process for the future; if your child does not want to participate in their given session, or for some reason they are unable to participate in Play Parkland, we will be providing these students  a supervised study hall space at the school where they can work on supplementary work, get extra help and/or  literacy  and numeracy  activities.

We would  like to thank you for your cooperation in this matter and if you have any questions, please feel free to email either  Mr. Marran  or Mrs. Brownlee  at the school for further explanation.

Your Partners in Education,

Murray Marran

Heather Brownlee