Muir Lake School


Lock Down Drill a Success at MLS

Student safety is of prime importance to Muir Lake School. We have several measures and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all who attend Muir Lake School. With this being said, Muir Lake School had a Lock Down Drill this afternoon and all of our students and staff did really well.

We are required to have evacuation and lock down drills throughout the year, including during the cold winter months. In a perfect world we would not need to practice such procedures, but we need to be prepared just in case. In the case of a real lockdown students would not be allowed to be on their cell phones and we ask that parents not contact the school as we would need to keep the lines open for emergency response teams. We encourage you to read & familiarize yourself with the Parkland School Division Emergency Response Procedures that are posted on the PSD Website at

Thank you to the staff and students for their assistance & cooperation today and thank you for your cooperation & understanding of the emergency response procedures in the future.


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