Muir Lake School


Year End Message & Parade Video

Dear Students and Families of Muir Lake School:

What an anomalous year! We certainly have had many challenges thrown at us both personally and as a school when we were forced to move to online emergency remote teaching when classes were suspended due to the current pandemic. Suddenly, we found ourselves working and studying from home, with little to no interaction with our colleagues and friends. 

This has been a difficult adjustment, to say the least. Our “new normal” is both isolating and lonely. As teachers, we can sympathize because we feel the same way as you do!

As we look back on this school year, we hope that these are your takeaways: 

  1. Your teachers miss you SO much! 
  2. Friendships and emotional connection are enduring despite distance.
  3. Anyone can read a book or instructions. Teachers and students bring the learning to life.
  4. Schools are only brick and mortar. It is your personalities and daily contributions that make our jobs amazing - remember that! 

We look forward to returning to more “normal” and we certainly look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the fall!  Have a great summer, everyone!

Mr. Marran - Principal 
Mrs. Brownlee - Assistant Principal